Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Slow cooker chicken enchilada soup

The frigid winter weather had settled upon us here in western New York, and then we have had a streak of 40 degrees days with rain. It's so weird to go outside in January and not have everything be a blanket of white. I'm not sure how I feel about it.... I don't think I like it though. One thing that I do like though --- SOUP! I think my readers know that I love soup. I also love slow cooker recipes. So I was really pumped to see slow cooker soup as January's Fantastical Food Fight theme! With infant twins in the house, our slow cooker is getting even more use than usual. It's so nice to be able to throw your food in it in the morning and then have your dinner finished, or almost finished when it's time to eat. This soup is delicious, hearty, and very flavorful. It's full of Mexican food flavors, which we really enjoy in our house. This recipe will serve about four people. A side of corn tortilla chips is highly encouraged!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Raisin pie

We recently had a birthday celebration for my father-in-law and he requested a raisin pie for dessert. Hmmmmm.... raisin pie..... I had heard my husband's family mention raisin pie before, but it's not something I had ever seen or tried before. So, of course, I was intrigued. I searched the web for recipes and read a bunch and came up with this version. Turns out raisin pie is a classic favorite of many people! The raisins are all plump and juicy and the pie is very sweet. It has just a hint of cinnamon and a touch of fresh lemon juice to help with all the sweet raisin flavor. If you are a raisin fan, you should definitely give this old-fashioned dessert a try. This recipe will make one 9-inch pie.

Monday, January 9, 2017

White chocolate pistachio pudding cookies

When I first started blogging, I really wasn't a huge baking fan. It was one of the things I wanted to work on and challenge myself to do more often. Well, in those 7 years, I've become very fond of baking, especially cookies and pie. I'm surprised by it, but also very glad. I made these cookies for a family gathering recently (is it too early for cookies already after all those Christmas cookies?). But, then the gathering ended up getting postponed, so my husband took a bunch to work and we will just have to suck it up and eat the rest, hahaha. I really love pistachios, so I was excited to try these cookies. I had pinned this recipe a long time ago and finally got around to making them. They are flavorful, moist, and chewy -- plus the pistachio pudding gives them a fun green color. This recipe will make about 3 dozen cookies. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

A look back at 2016

This time of year, I usually do a post where both my husband and I look through my past year of blogging and we each choose our favorite recipe from each month. However, 2016 was not a typical year for me, or the blog. Between a high-risk pregnancy, extreme meat and onion aversions, all day "morning" sickness, and then newborn twins, cooking and eating weren't always high on my list. Well, after the morning sickness passed, eating was *really* high on my list. I was never so famished in my life as I was while pregnant with twins! Thanks to all of you for sticking with me through my sparse posts this year. It's been a wonderfully exciting year. The babies are now about 5 months old and tons of fun. I am hopeful that I'll be able to ramp up my posts again in 2017.

So this year we are both picking our "Top 6 of 2016" instead. These are our top picks, in no particular order, starting with me.

I have to kick off my picks with these cookies because not only were they super tasty, they were how we told our family that we were expecting a boy and a girl!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Chocolate-dipped orange shortbread cookies

Did anyone else get one of those chocolate oranges every year in their stocking for Christmas? There was always one in their for me to dig out on Christmas morning when I was a kid. So, I always associate the flavor of orange + chocolate with the holidays. Sarah over at Fantastical Sharing of Recipes announced that this month's Fantastical Food Fight would be shortbread cookies. In the past I've made a couple shortbread cookies, including one of my all-time favorites - Rosemary Christmas Tree Shortbread Cookies. After thinking for a bit, I thought incorporating the chocolate and orange flavor I remember from my childhood stockings would be perfect! I was right. The buttery shortbread is brightened by the addition of fresh orange juice and zest and then given a boost of extra yumminess by being dipped in chocolate. They look pretty and taste great!

I used these lemon shortbread cookies as a guide for this recipe. It will make approximately 2-1/2 dozen cookies. These cookies are a terrific addition to your holiday cookie platter! Don't forget to check out the bottom of this post for other shortbread cookie recipes.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pork and cabbage stir fry

Sticky and sweet with a touch of heat, this stir fry is a flavorful and easy weeknight dinner. We get a half of a pig from a local farmer each year, so pork is somewhat of a staple in our meals. Oddly though, I don't feel like I really post all that many pork recipes. This stir fry is something I whipped up on a whim one night to use up some cabbage. We enjoyed it, so I made it a couple more times, tweaking the sauce and measurements. The sauce takes a few minutes to make, but then it all comes together relatively fast. This time of year I think we can all use some quick recipes to get dinner on the table (anyone else super behind on holiday preparations?!). Serve the stir fry with a side of white rice and this will serve about 3 people.